After creating a new GL account, you will need to also update your financial statements (Balance Sheet or Income Statement) to add the new account(s).  If you have added an Asset, Liability or Equity account you will need to edit all Balance Sheet reports.  If you have added a Revenue or Expense account, you will need to edit the Income Statement(s).

Step 1:  Go to the Reports > Financial Statements screen and select the Financial Statement you wish to edit. 


Step 2:  Click on the Edit button.

Step 3:  Click on the "AutoCreate" button.

Step 4:  Click OK and you will be prompted that the Financial Statement lines will be updated and re-created.

Step 5:  Click OK to confirm and update.

This will add any missing GL accounts to the financial statement that you selected. You will need to do this same step for any remaining Financial Statements that need to be updated.