Blob Block Error Repair:

The following will explain how to correct a “Blob Block”error.  The instructions explain how torepair the Sales Order “SOrder” table, but the same process can be applied toany table.  The table name is included inthe error message you receive with this issue

  1. Ensure that all users are logged out of Pilot.
  2. On the Server or Main PC where Pilot is installed, open the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services screen and locate the “DBISAM Database Server” and re-start that service.
  3. Browse to the Pilot database utility (located under the \\C:\Program Files (x86)\Pilot ERP\Utilities\dbsys.exe
  4. Double click to open the database utility (dbsys.exe) and then go to Utilities – Repair Table.  
  5. It will prompt you for the location of your company database and you may need to browse to that folder on the server (typically located under C:\ProgramData\PilotERP\Data).  
  6. Select the SOrder table and click the repair button.  
  7. After running the repair utility onthe SOrder table, log back into Pilot and ensure that the error has been fixed.

Then open Pilot and check to make sure that you do not receive the error. 

If you are still getting the error, please follow the steps below:

In the utility, go to Utilities – Alter table and then browse to the company data folder under PilotERP\Data.

Select the table and open.

Change the “Blob Block Size” to 1024 and then click Alter to update.