Follow the steps below to configure your Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Edition settings for use with Pilot ERP on the server and on the clients :

1. Open Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition.

2. In the Norton AntiVirus main Window, in the left pane, click Configure.

3. In the right pane, click File System Realtime Protection.

4. In the File Types group box click Selected extensions to instruct Norton to scan only those files that match the listed file extensions. Then click Extensions to change the default list of file extensions.

5. Remove DAT, IBX, and BLB extension types.  

6. Un-check the “Network” check box at the bottom of the File System Realtime Protection screen. 

7. Under the Options group box area, select "Exclude selected files and folders". Then in the subsequent dialog, select the option to "Check file for exclusion before scanning". This is known as a "prescan exclusion". 

8. Click on the Extensions button.  The list of excluded extensions should include DAT, IBX, and BLB.

9. Click OK to save your settings.