The following setup instructions apply to cloud hosted Pilot ERP on all devices.


Step 1.  Download the Citrix WorkSpace App and install on device using the link below: 

Download Link:  Download Citrix Workspace

                You can also search Google on “Citrix Workspace”


Step 2:  When notified that the Citrix Workspace installation is complete, click on the “Add Account” button.



Step 3:  You will be prompted for the work email or server address.  You will need to enter the following address into that field:


Step 4:  Click Add

Step 5:  You do not need to enter any additional passwords or user account information even though the Workspace setup will prompt you for additional credentials.  Just Continue/Next or Cancel when prompted until the Workspace setup is complete.


Step 6:  Save the *.ica file given to you by Pilot ERP Support to your desktop.  Rename the icon to “Pilot ERP” or similar.


Step 7:  Double click on that desktop icon and log into Pilot ERP using your login username and password.