The following setup instructions apply setting up a new company database on a network.  For help with installing Pilot ERP, please refer to the Pilot ERP Installation Instructions.


Your new company database can be set up from any PC and does not need to be created from the server.  However, it is recommended that you set this up from the server or main PC to prevent any issues caused by security permissions in Windows.


NOTE:  If you have user security enabled, your Pilot ERP user account must have full access to User Security in order to successfully create the new company and grant users access.


Step 1.  Log in to Pilot ERP.


Step 2:  Go to the File – Companies – New Company


Step 3:  Enter your company name into the “Name” field.  

The default directory will show the location of the new company folder on your server or main PC where Pilot is installed.  This will be saved to the PilotERP folder in the ProgramData directory which is the default location for all Pilot databases and reports.  It is recommended that you do NOT change this directory unless absolutely necessary.  Please contact support for details if you do need to change the directory and have any questions.

Step 4:  Click Save.


Step 5:  After saving the new company, you will need to log into that company and complete the new company wizard.


Step 6:  Go to File – Companies and select the company that you created.  This will open the New Company Wizard which must be completed to open the company.  This step will create the database when the wizard is completed.



Step 7:  Enter the Company Name and Address, then click Next.



Step 8:  Enter the main Bank Name and Company Currency description.


Step 9:  (Optional)  Enter the name of your default sales tax code and the tax % rate, then click Next.  If you do not wish to enter a tax code at this point, it can be done later through the System Setup.  If you choose not to enter your sales tax in this step, just leave the fields blank and click Next.



Step 10:  Click Finish.  



The new company will now be created and log you into Pilot.  Your company is now ready to use and you can begin importing or entering data.  NOTE:  Only the user account with which you created the company will have access.  To grant access to the new company see step 11 below.


If you have created users under the Setup – User Security menu, you will need to give the appropriate users access.  Double


Step 11:  Go to Setup – User Security.  Double click on the user you want to give access and check the company name under the “Allowed Databases” window.  Click OK to save.  NOTE:  If the user is currently logged into any company in Pilot when you grant them permission to the new company, they will need to log out and back into Pilot to access the company after you have created it.