Pilot ERP Email Settings:

1.      Within Pilot ERP, go into the System Setup > Your Company > Email tab and select “SMTP” as your Outgoing E-Mail Type.

2.      Enter your company SMTP Servername, SMTP port and a default company email address.  (NOTE:  This email address will not be used by Pilot unless there is no email address entered under each user account)

3.    If your email requires authentication, check the "Authentication Required" check box and enter the default username and password for the default email account.

4.    If your email requires SSL/TLS, check that format option.

5.    If you would like emails to be formatted in HTML you can check the "Use HTML Format" option.  NOTE:  It's recommended that you use plain text format (which is what the Pilot email uses by default unless that option is checked) unless you have a specific need for HTML formatting or need to add a logo.

6.    If you would like to add a logo or image to the emails, you can select your logo and enter the height and width of the image pixels.  This must be entered exactly the same size as the logo image or it will not display properly.

User Account Email Settings


1.       In Pilot ERP, go to the Settings > User Setup screen. 

2.       Select and open the user account.

3.       Enter the Users Email address, Email Username and Password for their account

Users Default Email Subject and Signature

The default setting is for the subject and signature for each user to use the subject and signature set up under the Your Company > Email tab.  If you would like to customize the users email and signature, you can uncheck the "Use Default Company E-Mail Subject/Signature" option.

If you want to customize the users email subject or Signature, uncheck that option and click the "Copy from Default" button.  This will copy in the text from the default and you can modify their subject or signature. 


There are pre-defined variables available to add to the users email subject and signature.  These variables will copy information from the program such as Order Number, Customer, Vendor Name, etc. to the email.  You can add multiple variables and those variables will only be used when emailed from the appropriate module.  So sales order information and customers will only be displayed when emailed from the Sales Module.  PO Number and Vendor information will only be in the email when emailed from the Purchasing module.