Change Gmail account settings:

Change your settings to allow the Pilot ERP Email Client to access your account.  To allow access, follow these steps: 

1.  Go to the "Less secure apps" section in My Account.

2.  Next to "Access for less secure apps," select Turn on. (Note to Google Apps users: This setting is hidden if your administrator has locked less secure app account access.)

Pilot ERP Email Settings:

  1. Within Pilot ERP, go into the System Setup > Your Company > Email tab and select “SMTP” as your Outgoing E-Mail Type.

  2. Enter the following into each field:


SMTP Server:                

SMTP Port:                              465

Default E-mail Address:          Main Company Contact or Sales Email Address

Authentication Required:       Checked  

Default Email Address:           Main Company Contact or Sales Email Address

Default Password:                  Main Company Email Address Password


User Account Email Settings


1.  In Pilot ERP, go to the Settings > User Accounts screen.  

2.  Select and open the user account.

3.  Enter the Users Email address, Email Username and Password.