The following instructions will guide you through how to move an existing installation on Pilot ERP to a new server or central workstation.    

  1. Install Pilot on the new server (see Installation Instructions).  If you are running an older version of Pilot and do not wish to update, you can request an installer for your current version or the link for the latest version from  

  2. Log into Pilot on the new server and create a new company through File > Companies > Create New Company, then log into that new blank company from the server and answer the New Company Creation Wizard questions.  NOTE:  You MUST perform this step and log into the new blank company in order to activate the company files.  If this step is missed,  you will NOT be able to access the company after copying your company data into the new server.

  3. Log out of Pilot.

  4. Copy your company data files from the old server into the new company folder that you created on the new server.

  5. Copy the contents of your \\...\PilotERP\Forms folder from the old server to the C:\ProgramData\PilotERP\Forms folder on the new server.

  6. Log into your company on the new server and verify that you can open and preview any of the forms that you use.  If any of your forms (Sales Order, Invoice, PO) will not print or preview, then either the PilotERP\Forms folder is not shared with users or you will need to edit the "APPDATA" path in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Pilot ERP\Conf\pilot.ini file.  This can be opened with a text editor like notepad and edited.

  7. Share the both PilotERP folders* to all users on the network with full control.

  8. Map a new drive on each client to the Pilot ERP folder under the Program Files (x86) directory and create a shortcut on the desktop via this mapped drive to the “pilot.exe” file.

  9. User security in Pilot will not be copied with the database.  To setup user security in Pilot on the new server, log into Pilot and go to the System Setup > User Security screen.

  *Be aware that Pilot will actually create 2 folders on the new server.  It will create a Pilot ERP folder under the C:\Program Files (x86)\ folder unless you changed that path during installation.  It will also create a folder C:\ProgramData\PilotERP on the server.  This folder will contain your Pilot ERP database(s) and the forms and is the location where you will need to copy in your data and forms from the old server. 

If you run into any issues connecting from the clients, it’s most likely either an issue with network security permissions to the Pilot ERP folders on the server (usually the one under the ProgramData folder) or an issue with the path for the “AppData” defined in the“pilot.ini” file under the C:\Program Files (x86)\Pilot ERP\Conf folder on the server.  It needs to be in this format: AppData=\\SERVERNAME\PilotERP\ making sure that the "PilotERP” folder is shared.