Download the latest Pilot ERP update installation file from


Step 1:  Ensure that ALL users are logged out of Pilot.


Step 2:  Download the update and save to your Server or main PC where Pilot is installed and ensure that

            you are logged in with administrator access.   NOTE: It is recommended that you make a complete 

 backup of your company database before applying the update.  The update should NOT be run on 

 the client PC's.

 Step 3:  Double click on the PilotERP.exe update program saved to your server.

 Step 4:  Follow the prompts to install the update. When asked where Pilot is installed, the update should

             default to the directory where Pilot was originally installed.


Step 5:  Restart the server.

 Step 6: IMPORTANT:  Open Pilot ERP on the server and log into each company.  This will complete the 

             update process for that company.  You can check the version number by going to the

             Help/About screen in Pilot.



NOTE:  You DO NOT need to run the update for Pilot ERP on any client PC.  Applying the update on the server will automatically update all client access.