This error means that the Pilot ERP client was disconnected from the server or the network communication was interrupted.  If Pilot ERP disconnects for any period of time the server will close the connection to the database application and you will receive this error.


Additional details and causes for the error:


Error:  External exception C0000006


This external exception is caused by something external to Pilot: most likely the underlying network that Pilot is installed on. In short, you're experiencing some network drops, which could be extremely small drops. Pilot requires a constant connection to the server and if the network connection drops, it will be disconnected.


C000006 on Local Area Network:


When receiving this error in a Local Area Network (LAN), it is generally an indication the station is no longer connected to the network and it has lost its connection to the server.  It is recommended to troubleshoot the connection by checking cabling, any hub or switch and the Network Interface Card (NIC) on any station with this error.  If this is happening on the entire network, the common devices such as the Server's NIC, network cable connecting the server to the switch or the switch could be the cause. This error could also be caused by any anti-virus/firewall solutions that is not properly configured.  Anti-virus solutions that inspect and delay the packet delivery or interrupt packet delivery over the network can be the culprit and cause disconnection from the database. Another consideration is that you may want to disable any wireless adapter on a PC receiving this error, even if the computer is connecting to Pilot on the server via a wired network connection.  Small drops in connectivity from the any connection can disrupt Pilot, even if it's not using that connection.


C0000006 on Wireless Connection:


If you are receiving this error using a wireless connection to Pilot at the server, it is generally an indication the station is no longer connected to the wireless network and the wireless signal has been lost.   Pilot is very sensitive to drops in network connectivity, which are much more common on wireless connections. For this reason, it's strongly suggested to always access Pilot on the server through a wired network connection.  If you need to access Pilot from a location where you're unable to work directly on a PC that's connected to the server via a wired network connection, our recommendation is to use Remote Desktop to run Pilot from your machine/tablet at a computer that is connected to the network where Pilot is located:



If you do receive the 'C0000006 External Exception' error, you will need to log out and log back into Pilot before you continue working in the software.  You may have to force quite Pilot by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete to access the Windows Task Manager, and then selecting the process for Pilot ERP and pressing the End Task button if you can't close out of Pilot normally.


You will not be permitted to continue working in the program after this error is received.  Restarting your machine, and also potentially re-booting the server could also be something to consider trying.