If you attempt to apply an update for Pilot ERP, but receive an error message:

"Error opening file for writing:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Pilot ERP\pilot.exe

This indicates that the pilot.exe file is in use or locked and cannot be updated.  This most likely means that a user is logged into Pilot.  They will need to log out before the update can be applied.  On the server, you can check for the pilot.exe process to determine which users have Pilot open.  If there are no users logged into Pilot, it is also possible that Windows has the file locked.  Re-starting the server will usually clear that lock, then the update can be applied.  

If re-starting the server does not correct the issue and there are no users logged in, you can re-name the pilot.exe file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Pilot ERP folder, then re-run the update.  Since the file has been renamed, the installation wizard will be able to copy in the updated program file.